The Plan

Here’s the Plan

Think we’re content to stay a writing app forever? Think again. We mean to reinvent the way writing gets done, from writing the book, right up through how people learn to write. If you want to know what’s in store for Scribi and our users, take a look below and see the future we have mapped out.


Phase One

Phase one is all about re-inventing the writing process. All the tools you need, all a click away.

  1. Subscriber accounts will be able to create new pen names, story worlds, series, books, and store their story bibles in a private database. Subscription will start at $4.99/month or $49/year. (Don’t worry, you can still export all work from a paused account.)
  2. Free accounts, or Reader-Editor accounts will have access to manuscripts in Beta-Read or Editor modes on an invite-only basis. This means your readers and editors can meet you where you are without being required to pay a subscription fee, and you won’t have to move your files from app to app to get work done.
  3. You’ll have access to in-house and user-shared project templates, or you can make your own. From day one, we’ll be helping you get organized and get the direction you need, or track and save your own process for later use.
  4. At this stage, Scribi will be the best tool available for writing faster and more consistently than ever before.

Phase Two

Phase two is the smart phase. This is where we take those fantastic tools and make them even more effective.

  1. Smart integration with your devices. Push your project deadlines to your calendar. Get notifications via the mobile app or SMS to keep you on top of your writing, let you know your progress, and warn you when you may need to adjust your deadlines.
  2. First social integration features roll out here. Post snippets of your WIP to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or wherever you meet your readers with a few clicks, or automatically post your wordcount for the day to your social media.
  3. Let us monitor your progress in raw numbers and time, and Scribi will build a profile specific to your habits to help you better plan your writing projects. Approve or adjust the suggested time line, and push it out to your favorite calendar, or let Scribi handle your reminders.

Phase Three

By Phase Three, Scribi is the smartest writing studio you’ve experienced. Can it get better? We think so. Writing books, articles, papers or anything else is only half the job of any writer. The other half is connecting with your audience. We got you.

  1. Users can create profiles, and follow the writers they love. Readers and Editors can follow, rate, and recommend one another. We’re laying some groundwork for phase four here, too.
  2. Push notifications to your followers about recent updates to your WIP, send them sneak-peeks, find beta-readers inside the platform, even distribute ARCs.
  3. Subscriber accounts will be given a store page, where all of your published books are beautifully arranged with buy and download links. Sell directly on the Scribi platform, or link to your preferred store pages.
  4. Live chat, over text or video, comes online. Discuss your work with your favorite beta-reader, or argue over a bit of story with your editor.
  5. At this stage, Scribi goes to work for you. With readers reviewing and rating authors and works, we’ll begin reaching out to agents and publishers, inviting them to join our community.

Phase Four

But hey, why stop there? By the time Phase Three is complete, Scribi is a platform with a remarkable set of tools that can be applied in creative new ways. Why not take it one step further? We want to become the home of small publishing operations.

  1. You heard that right. Phase four will build out a full suite of project management tools that will allow small publishers to bring online entire publishing teams. Outliners, writers, editors, proofreaders, beta-readers, even cover-artists, to streamline a secure, all-in-one-place publishing solution complete with in-house styles and guidelines instantly accessible to the whole team. We’ll even help organize the process with in-house publishing project workflow templates and those shared by other publishers.
  2. And since we already have a community and platform in place, why not make Scribi the place to locate and hire professionals as well? Publishers will be able to find reviewed editors, writers, proofreaders, marketers and managers all in one place. Scribi can protect both publishers and contractors by handling contracts for work and even payment.
  3. For writers, link to writing samples and published works on your profile, and put your reviews from readers and editors you’ve worked with front and center for interested publishers to see.
  4. At this stage, we may move entirely to an enterprise model. That means, no more subscription fees for author accounts.

Phase Five

The pinnacle. We’ve made writing easier. We’ve made it smart. We’ve connected writers and readers and built a community. We’ve re-imagined the entire publishing process. There’s only one more beautiful step. Make new writers.

  1. With all the tools we’ve assembled, we will build out an educational platform for institutional use. Imagine lesson plans crowd sourced from all over the globe. Imagine themed blocks of content. African American writers of the 20th century. Native American poets. Classics from Women writers. Drama, Epics, even modern works; it’s all within reach.
  2. We’ll use our robust template systems and social networking modules to connect instructors to their students, help them build out custom lesson plans complete with licensed digital books and guides to essay styles. Give students of all ages the ability to hone their skills, and even, perhaps, get input from skilled writers the world over.
  3. At an enterprise level, and with the addition of a non-profit facet of the Scribi business model, we can potentially license the scribi educational platform and course catalog for free to deploy in places where literacy, literary and writing education is needed the most—at little or no cost to the schools that can get the most out of our platform.

That’s the plan.

We could stop at making the author’s process easier, more accessible, more modular and smarter. We could even stop at connecting authors with readers. But why? Why stop at changing the way you write, when we could go the distance and change the way the world writes?

The easy answer is: we don’t. We take this all the way.

Scribi is in the developmental phase now. Very soon, we’ll launch a crowdfunding campaign and invite you and others to pitch in and help us bring Scribi to life for as little as $5 each.

You can help bring Scribi to life.

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