It's Time for a Change

Being a writer often means managing half a dozen apps and services just to stay organized and on task. We believe it's time to simplify.

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Everything you Need

Scribi is a true studio software for writers, where you can plan, outline, organize and write all in one space, with a slate of features that will change the way you work.

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Finally, a Smart Tool for Us

Scribi will do more than just track your word counts, organize your work into series, maintain your story database, format your manuscript with a click, and help you develop personalized templates. It will learn how you work and help you reach your goals.

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What have we been missing?

Scribi is developed primarily for storytellers, by storytellers. Whether that's short stories, novels, scripts, articles or blog posts, or anything you can write down, we've thought of it.

The idea for Scribi Studio arose from the frustration of dealing with so many different writing applications that all did something well but were lacking in other ways. We use one application for writing, one for organizing notes, a folder to keep our books organized, a timeline manager to visualize our story, and possibly one of the many awesome outlining tools available for all the planning and preparation.

Even with these tools at our disposal, keeping track of a story bible is a manual task. Over the course of one book it can be daunting. Over a whole series? It can begin to look like a maze of files, or one massive file we're constantly searching through.

In the end, when the book is ready for an editor we always end up back in Microsoft Word, because .docx is the digital format of the day. We all know the frustration of re-importing the file back into our favorite program, and having to apply a series of 'tips and tricks' to address edits there.

What if it was simpler? What if there was one studio style software that served the writer from step one all the way through an entire series? Or multiple series in a single world? Or even a collaborative effort in a shared world by multiple authors?

That day is coming.

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All the tools, from Idea to Bestselling Series

With Scribi, it wasn't enough to create yet another word processor, or even another writer's environment where story notes are easily accessible. We don't just want to make writing your story a more efficient process. We want to make it a more enjoyable process.

Just some of the features planned for our initial rollout include:

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Outline and Manuscript Mirroring. As you develop your outline, Scribi will build a manuscript to match and start attaching quick notes to each scene and chapter that will be right at hand when you start writing. Anything to attach to the outline for each chapter will be there ready to go to work when you start writing. We'll assemble a timeline as well, showing both story and chronological order.

Plot or Pants, or both. Not an outliner? That's fine, too. Scribi can help you track story structure as you go, and provide insight as you progress through a story structure you've built yourself or imported from a library. Meanwhile, it will quietly assemble an outline behind the scenes, ready for you if you want to review it during revision.

Every story element at your fingertips. Scribi's database approach to story elements will mean having every character, setting detail, event, and anything else you need always at hand. Attaching elements to chapters and scenes will build your outline and timeline in the background as you go. Creating new elements on the fly as simple as a few strokes of the keyboard. Even better: each manuscript shares a database with other manuscripts in the same series, and grows organically as you write.

Structure, restructured. Writing a mystery? A romance? An epic fantasy adventure? A memoir? Every type of story has its own special take on structure, whether that's a unique series of beats or an adaptation of a classic like the Hero's Journey. Scribi can help you streamline your process by offering up templates based on classic structure, built from scratch, or modified over time as you discover your own take. Structure templates are more than just beats, acts, and plot threads, though. Scribi Templates can even include guidance and advice on specific story points to ensure that you're asking the right questions at the right time. We'll be speaking with top professional authors and writers about what works for them, and providing a library of templates intended to not only help you write more efficiently, but to expand and improve yourself as a storyteller. This will make Scribi more than just a writer's tool. It will make Scribi the first writer's software to actually help develop new writers.

Never worry about export/import errors again. Once we're on the Web, you'll be able to invite your editors, beta readers, and collaborators to view and comment on your manuscript with any level of permission you want to give them, from read-only, to commenting, to full access for editing.

Other Day-One Features:

  • One-click professional level formatting for finished documents, both print and ebook, as well as formatting profiles for linked books in a series. Never worry about whether you've missed a detail when formatting your manuscript. Define and re-use formatting across a series, or an entire pen-name.
  • Automatic formatting for submissions, based on industry-standard formatting rules. We'll take care of it on a publisher-by-publisher basis and make sure you're never auto-rejected for something as silly as formatting.
  • Share your story world database with collaborators and share a central database among all co-authors or contributors with flexible permissions to ensure continuity and consistency across projects of any size. Use it to invite writers to themed anthologies, share writing prompts, or co-author a new book in your bestselling series.
  • We'll do our best as we grow to integrate with as many other author services as possible. We hope to approach services like Draft2Digital to allow you to link accounts and export directly to their platform from within Scribi, or KDP so that you can publish direct without leaving the Studio, or editing tools like Grammarly so that you can rest assured that you're handing off the most polished manuscript you can produce.
  • At each stage of our our Five Phase plan of development, we'll continue to improve and deploy new useful features that will make your writing experience more efficient, more enjoyable, and always user friendly so that you can focus on what you really want to do: Write books!

Don't just work smart. Work Smart.

It is the 21st century. We may not have flying cars or an elevator to space, but we do have remarkable new advancements in Artificial Intelligence, everything from simple smart algorithms that can help plan your day to smart chat bots that give the Turing Test a run for its money. Why shouldn't we be applying this kind of ingenuity to how we write? Your smart watch can help you reach fitness goals, after all.

The first phase of Scribi will be the development of the web application. This will allow you to access Scribi anywhere, anytime. But being on the web will mean more than just a host of collaborative features. For us, it means Scribi can be the first smart writing studio, ever.

On day one, you'll be able to set your goals and receive feedback from Scribi about how you're doing on meeting them. You'll be able to start a new project, and have Scribi look at your history of productivity and your typical work habits, and recommend a realistic timeline for finishing the project that you can accept, decline, or modify as you want.

Once we reach phase two, it will do so much more. Scribi will be able to send you notifications to help keep you on track, make calendar entries to ensure you set aside time to write, even send notifications to your collaborators to keep them apprised of your progress. We want to help you reach your goals, not just track them for you.

Set a deadline, and Scribi will tell you whether you're being realistic or not, and offer up a solid plan based on your actual writing habits, and just like a fitness app, it can recommend small increases over time to help urge you to make good writing habits.

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Want to hear more?

Scribi is only just entering the planning phase, as we build an interactive demo and project costs of development and deployment. If you'd like to be the first to know when we make progress, subscribe to our newsletter and you'll know what's new as soon as we do. Subscribing will also help us gauge interest in advance of the campaign, which is valuable information for our planning process. We will not mail about anything unrelated to Scribi, and will not share your email.